Review Policy

My style of reviewing is to write an honest, fair assessment of the item in question. This may include criticism – I’m not interested in merely showcasing pretty things (there are plenty of SL fashion blogs that already do this far better than I could) – but I will always try and balance that with praise where it’s due. In any case, I try to write about products or places that I think are particularly interesting or good. Take a look through my reviews category and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

Review Copies

If you’re an SL designer and you’d like me to review something, then by all means do drop it on me; I’d be delighted to check it out. The only stipulation I have is that it has to suit my style in some way. I’m mainly interested in two areas: the sci-fi/cyber/industrial/robot genres, and high/avant-garde fashion. Still, there’s a lot of leeway in there, and I’m certainly not picky.

I will always make it clear when I’ve received a review copy, and my review pictures are not post-processed apart from basics like cropping and resizing.


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