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February 6, 2011

Cybernetic prim eyes in Second Life

I recently decided that it was time to upgrade my ocular implants, and to go from static eyes to something a little more exciting. Prim eyes can have animated textures and glow effects, so they seemed the logical choice. There’s no shortage of prim eye creators in Second Life, but how many of them are cybernetic in nature? I scoured the marketplaces, both in-world and out, and came up with three options. As always with my review posts, there is no post-processing on these pictures.

pIRA Tech – Bineyez BlueGreen

120L$ / In-world / Marketplace

These Bineyez come in thirteen different colours (see them all here), which is a good range. They have a glow effect and the textures rotate slowly. I’d describe the look as electronic rather than industrial – more a refined computer avatar than exposed machinery on an android. There’s no scripted menu or HUD for the glow, but you don’t really need one, since it’s the work of a moment to edit it in the build menu. (Here’s what they look like without any glow.)

I think the price is approaching the upper end of what I’d pay for eyes – especially when you only get one colour – but it’s not excessive, and they are gorgeous.

pIRA Tech - Bineyez BlueGreen (glow)

primal groove – Cyber prim eye

0L$ / In-world / Marketplace

Not the most sophisticated eyes around, but then they’re free! I think this would make a great starting point if you’re not sure how much you want to commit to the look. Each eye has a scripted menu for colour changes, and you can choose from eleven colours plus an ‘off’ mode, which is essentially black with the glow turned off. You can also tint them yourself for more fine-tuned control.

There are three sizes, because technically they’re prim irises rather than full eyes. You can see this best in the bottom picture where I’m wearing the smallest size with the included eye base. (I’m wearing a plain black eye base in the others.)

Cheap (well, free) and cheerful, and a good look – you can’t go wrong.

primal groove - prim eyes overview

Senasy Cybernetics – Rotating Mechanical Eyes

100L$ / In-world / Marketplace

Finally, my very favourite prim eyes! The advert does these eyes no justice at all – I had actually seen them in the Marketplace and dismissed them, but I changed my mind after visiting Senasy Cybernetics in-world. They have a vendor that will show you all the items in 3D, and I’d recommend going there to see the quality of these eyes. The textures rotate and the coloured areas glow.

They come with a HUD that has three areas of control:
– Colour – there are R/G/B bars on which you can adjust the sliders for a really large variety of colours. They’re not as sensitive as the sliders in, say, Photoshop, but the degree of control is still impressive. Even better, there are six slots in which you can save colours for quick-change in future. I use this feature all the time; it makes outfit-matching easy and painless.
– Glow – up or down.
– Transparency – more or less, so if you wanted, you could partially see the eye base layer you’re wearing.
The HUD will control the colours of any other Senasy Cybernetics creation you’re wearing, so if you don’t want it to affect them (or you only want to colour one eye), detach them temporarily while you use it.

I very rarely find myself wanting to take my Senasy eyes off. The price, given the amount of customisation you get, is crazily low. They’re a bargain, and easily the coolest looking eyes I own. Go and see them for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.

Senasy Cybernetics - Rotating Mechanical Eyes

Skin: Curio – Moonbeam (Light) Cupid – Crave 1
Hair: Shag – Somebody’s Baby (in white from monochromes pack, tinted)
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Groupie (discontinued)