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August 12, 2011

CHIC Award

I received an inventory offer a few days ago that was both surprising and flattering: a CHIC award for “exceptional work in the field of blogging”. My gob was thoroughly smacked. I’m in incredible company; my name is listed among some of my favourite SL bloggers. I’m not at all sure I deserve it, and yet delighted to receive it. Sometimes a little encouragement comes just at the right time. :)

So, thank you ever so much to Keira Seerose for making my week. I love the idea of the CHIC awards, and it’s already helped me find other SL bloggers, creators and artists about which I might not otherwise have known.

CHIC award

March 23, 2011

A Twi’lek in Second Life

Over the past few days I’ve become enamoured of the idea of being a twi’lek in SL instead of my usual synthetic form. This is almost entirely due to the influence of a certain person (you know who you are!) but I find it an increasingly appealing concept. I enjoyed Star Wars 4-6, but it was the Knights of the Old Republic games that made me really appreciate the setting and characters, many of whom were twi’leks, and who went far beyond the slave-girl/dancer niche of the films.

Here, then, is a comprehensive overview of the better quality twi’lek items in Second Life. As far as I understand, no particular eye colour is required, so there are only two main components to locate for your avatar: the lekku (head tentacles) and a suitable skin.


Darkfold Designs
In-world / Marketplace – L$200 (female), L$400 (male)
I’m wearing these lekku in my skin pictures below. There are male and female versions, and different prints and head-wraps/tiaras to choose from. They’re made from standard prims and the tentacles are flexi. The only thing missing is shading on the skin, but since they have mod permissions, I may add my own textures at some point. Please note that there’s a lucky board at the inworld shop with the style I’m wearing up for grabs. No demos.
Darkfold Designs: Twi’lek Black Leather Lekku (Print 1)

Marketplace / L$750 (full avatar set)
These avatar packages are for the ladies only, and contain eight different lekku styles (four positions and two types of wraps) included, as well as eight skin variations, a shape and eyes, and two outfits. Again, no sculpted prims or skin textures are used. The adverts aren’t very prepossessing, but there’s a demo available. I really like the details on the head-wraps, but I would probably use them with another skin.
AA-Tech twi'lek lekku variations

Razel’fly Productions
In-world / Marketplace / L$250 (female), L$200 (male)
I love the variety of head-wraps and the thicker lekku. The ear cones have a texture, which I appreciate – as you can see in some of my pictures, they can disappear against the tentacles when both are flat colour. No demos.
Razel'fly Productions Sleek Leather lekku

The Glass House
Marketplace / L$400-475
Sells full female twi’lek avatar sets which look nice, but there are no demos, so I’ve not tried them yet (my lekku budget only extends so far…).

In-world / Marketplace / L$100 v1 skin/lekku set on Marketplace, L$250 v2 scripted lekku in-world with L$350 for matching skin
The “Comet Dust” range is what you’re looking for, and v1 is available as a cheap L$100 skin/lekku set on iLogic’s Marketplace shop. Delightfully, these lekku are sculpted and textured! Of course, that means they aren’t flexi, but I don’t think that spoils the effect. The head-wrap is made from normal prims and has a separate attachment point. This is a really good buy if you don’t want to spend a lot.
iLogic: Comet Dust lekku/skin v1

Version 2 of the Comet Dust skin – which I’m not showing here; the picture below is of the v1 skin again – is only available in-world, and each colour comes with 3 shades. The creator has a post on their blog with additional pictures of the golden version if you’d like a better look at the details. You buy the Comet Dust v2 lekku separately, also in-world. They’re scripted with 18 colour presets that match the v2 skins (but they’re mod, so you can tint them to whatever you like) and 5 texture patterns.
iLogic: Comet Dust v2 lekku with v1 skin

The headpiece and the tops of the tentacles are sculpted, which gives a very nice effect, and then the lower tentacles are flexi. The texturing is excellent. Although I think the general look is matched by other lekku, the quality of this set is easily the best, and the combination of sculpts, flexi prims and textures make it look really good in-world. (Note that the lekku may appear to be no mod, but that’s only because they contain a no mod script; you can in fact edit the prims to your heart’s content.)

Again, no demos for any of the skins or the lekku, and these sets are for female twi’leks only.

Free avatars (male and female)
Located on the second floor of the entry area of Little Mos Eisley, just before you go through the door into the main part of the sim. They’re very basic – lekku, a skin, eyes and a shape. The lekku are no mod and the prims weren’t quite aligned when I tried them, but it is free!
Free twi'lek avatar from Little Mos Eisley


Although twi’lek skins can be a number of different colours, including human flesh tones, I’ve chosen blues, turquoises and a few greens out of personal preference (almost all of these skins come in a selection of other colours, too). I’m showing my favourite sixteen, just to try and give an idea of what’s on offer rather than to offer any judgment on quality.

Skins in unusual colours aren’t easy to search for (try “fantasy skins”, “demon skins” or “mermaid skins”) and I’ve undoubtedly missed some, but I like all of these for different reasons, and I think they cover a good range of both prices and styles.

Potential Twi'lek skins - set 1
1 (top left). Nuuna’s Skins – Crayon – pale blue
2 (top right). Nuuna’s Skins – Crayon – cyan
3 (bottom left). Nomine – Mosaic Aether – aqua
4 (bottom right). Lionskins – Leadroid – 3

Potential Twi'lek skins - set 2
1. Lionskins – Lea – green
2. Fallen Gods Inc. – Calm Waters – Pacific Lust
3. The Hidey Spot – Czol – blu unmarked
4. The Hidey Spot – Czol – grn lipstripe

Potential Twi'lek skins - set 3
1. Plastik – Lionheart Elven – Asari
2. Plastik – Lionheart Elven – Stratus
3. Plastik – Ataciara Elven Muted – Rapture
4. Plastik – Ataciara Elven – Aqua

Potential Twi'lek skins - set 4
1. Plastik – Ataciara Elven – Cirrus
2. Plastik – Ataciara Elven – Teal
3. Epic – Faelfy – Cerulean burned
4. Silken Moon – Spectrum – teal

Skin set credits
Lekku: Darkfold Designs – Twi’lek Black Leather Lekku (Print 1)
Outfit: GRAVES – Rogue
Lashes: glow studio – Fancy eyelashes – Like Natural (old The Dressing Room item)

For additional credits for individual pictures, please click through to their Flickr page (otherwise this post would be even more insufferably long and confusing!).

January 25, 2011


Laverne Unit

An android or gynoid is not a fixed concept; there are plenty of interpretations from which to draw inspiration. The Maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is a sculpture in metal, whereas the replicants of Blade Runner are almost indistinguishable from humans. Star Trek‘s Borg characters are one example of the way these looks can be combined. The only problem is choosing what elements you like best. I’m strongly influenced by dark, gritty 80s sci-fi films (their fashions as well as their general style), and fetish fashion – so as I write here, I’m also putting together a kind of style manifesto for Laverne.

In a world of such potential, why limit oneself? No real reason, save that I like the sense of identity a relatively fixed set of parameters conveys.

So far, here’s what I know: Laverne uses black, pink and turquoise as theme colours, she has more-or-less robotic legs, and her eyes make no attempt at imitating reality.

Skin: Curio – Moonbeam (Light) Cupid – Crave 2
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Penelo (teal) (discontinued)
Eyes: Rakura Prime – Tech Azur Glow (discontinued)
Outfit: GizzA – Leather Overall (black)