Hello Spacegirl

At the end of February I opened a shop on the Second Life Marketplace called Hello Spacegirl, so it’s high time I wrote a bit about it in this blog. If you’re one of my incredibly lovely, kind, talented customers (no, I’m not above flattery :P), then I beg your indulgence and your forgiveness.

I sell sci-fi and futuristic products, and although at the moment my two products are avatar clothing attachments, I may well branch out into other areas, like furnishings and decor. I’m making the sort of things I want to wear, with the hope that others will share my tastes.

I briefly thought about starting a new blog just for Hello Spacegirl updates, but I think that with two blogs, one of them would end up being neglected, so all product-related updates will be posted here, and I’ll try not to let the brand take over the whole site.

The products available right now are the Bubble Goggles and the Ilia Corset. Both are mesh, but the goggles are unrigged and the corset is rigged. They are both mod/copy, and my products will always be mod/copy (I believe strongly in the benefits of modify rights!). There are demos for each, and I would strongly advocate trying them, especially in the case of the Ilia corset. (Links: Bubble Goggles demo, Ilia corset demo.)

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has bought something from my line. I’m incredibly grateful. If you take some snapshots, please do send me a link or post them in the Hello Spacegirl flickr group – it’s such a thrill to see how people use them in their own outfits, and I’ll never grow tired of it!

And now, here are a bunch of ad pictures. If you’ve made it this far, you might like to know that the Ilia corset is named for Lieutenant Ilia from Star Trek: the Motion Picture. (Beware: there are spoilers for the film at that link.)

Bubble Goggles


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