I’ve been wanting to do a futuristic film noir set of pictures for a while, but the components were hard to find: a white latex 40s suit isn’t the most obvious of outfits, for one thing. Blinds, though – blinds seemed doable. There’s a classic bars-of-light chiaroscuro look that I was eager to capture.

Initially I thought I’d use projectors and shadows (i.e. use a texture of black bars on a light prim), but this method wasn’t very satisfactory, and didn’t work well with the alpha textures in my hair prims. I decided to see if I could make a rudimentary set of blinds in Blender. Reader, it took me ten minutes, including the different levels of detail. I baked a very quick and dirty texture, and tested it in the beta grid to make sure the prim equivalence was acceptable. Reader, the prim equivalence was one. This is why I like mesh: no faffing around with sculpted prims and their resulting bad quality UV textures. Resized to about 10x3x0.1, PE goes up to five, but that’s fine too.

This still isn’t the film noir shoot I’ve promised myself, but it does have something of the mood I wanted: searching lights and nowhere to hide. Imagine a helicopter outside the window, if you like. Or a flying car.

Skin: Curio – The Visitor – Irradiate 2 (Moonbeam light) + cleavage option 4
Hair: MINA Hair – Doortje (Light Blonde 2)
Eyes: Tokugawa Heavy Industries – Deus eyes v2
Eyebrows: Nuuna’s Skins – Nuuna’s Eyebrows
Lips: Glamorize – Smart Mouth Lips (Diva)
Jacket: DIRAM – Noa (white)
Top: erratic – bodysuit (old Platinum hunt item)
Trousers: Peqe – Kate Leather High Tights (Diamond)
Boots: SLink – Tall Leather Thigh boots (white) *Mesh
Poses: Del May – Swarm #2 / oOo Studio – Surface 3


One Comment to “Blinded”

  1. Really interesting series of images and really interesting to learn how did you do it. Congrats, great result.

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