My vision is Augmented

My vision is Augmented

  • The new Deus eyes from Tokugawa are, frankly, excellent. 150L$, fully mod, a great HUD, and animated textures. I’ll do a review post soon.
  • The Sn@tch Wired Latex top and trousers are great value: a 250L$ pack of seven colours. I found the included collar a little hard to fit on my shape, but it’s not as though I don’t have plenty of other collars.
  • I continue my love affair with Kojima Industries and their glorious hardsuit set. Apologies for the lack of variety!

My vision is Augmented

Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie (Contessa) (old The Dressing Room item)
Hair: elikatira – Again (White 05)
Eyes: Tokugawa Heavy Industries – Deus Eyes v2
Eyeshadow: Candy Doll @ Kozmetika – Smokey Eyes dollarbie (discontinued) under ROZENA – Platina eyeshadow (red)
Top: Sn@tch – Wired Latex Top (red)
Trousers: Sn@tch – Wired Latex Pants (black)
Collar: GRAVES – Jinx
Hands: Grollwerk – Cybernetic Arms
Arms/Boots: Kojima Industries – K-103 Hardsuit Stealth
Pose: Glitterati – Beauty 2 – 006


4 Comments to “My vision is Augmented”

  1. Thanks to you, I bought the hardsuit set too last week. It is very nice.

  2. Take a look at Blue Galaxy for arm and leg accessories in the same vein as Kojima stuff, although I don’t blame you for liking it so much! I love those eyes!

  3. Paybak: Ash Soyinka (Blue Galaxy) is my favourite designer. He should be back to design more armours now that mesh is released, or maybe when Phoenix will support it.

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