Silicon Savage

Silicon Savage

Recommended listening: Cursor Miner – Silicon Savage (Warning: brutal electronica.)

Silicon Savage

Silicon Savage

Some outfit notes:

  • In an earlier post, I speculated about whether the made-for-men Fortress jacket by Defectiva would fit me. Disembodied Hand was kind enough to let me know that he’d seen female avatars make it work, so I bought it and am wearing it in the above pictures. The lower prim of the jacket is a bit tricky with wide hips, but otherwise it looks great.
  • Glam Affair has a new skin out: Gio. I was ready to resist (I have a small selection of skins to which I always return, and tend to only buy new skins if they’re in a sale) but the vibrant blue mask-like eyeshadow won me over. It’s really gorgeous. I just wish GA made cleavage dehancers!
  • The gloves that come with the Jinx outfit by GRAVES (there’s a white version too) are probably my favourites ever. Long and opera-length, with prim straps at the upper arm and along the glove, they’re incredibly versatile. I like the look of a long slim arm, entirely gloved.

I visited the very fun build at Xen for the last two photos – it’s made from lots of cubes, perfectly texture-baked and some of them glowing. For the first, I tried out shadows at Insilico again. Slightly trickier this time, as I was inside the (truly fantastic) power plant, but I lowered my draw distance and managed to get some light coming in from one side.

Skin: Glam Affair – Gio Light 08
Hair: Fashionably Dead – Shove It – Grayscale 1 (tinted)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Jewel Eyes (Lasercut) in blue
Jacket: Defectiva – Fortress Jacket – Snow
Underneath jacket: Defectiva – Original Sin – Pride
Trousers: Peqe – Kate Leather High Tights
Gloves: GRAVES – Jinx
Boots: Kojima Industries – K-103 Hardsuit Stealth

Locations: INSILICO & Xen

Poses: oOo studio – angles freebie / Glitterati – Model pack 10 – 100 / Exposeur – Top Model All-Stars: Intros – Camille


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