Servomechanised Medusa

Servomechanised Medusa

After the paleness of recent posts, it’s time for something robust and menacing. I visited Insilico and did some exploring before I settled on the Medlab as the place to take my pictures. N.B. – Insilico is sky-domed, the bane of the shadow-lover, but if you lower your draw distance the dome is usually far enough away that it isn’t rendered, and you can enjoy shadows to your heart’s content.

Servomechanised Medusa

I’m getting to the point where copy and mod privileges are mandatory with me in SL, unless the item is very specific, or it’s mesh. Here’s why:

  • I love to go in and chop outfits to pieces, and that’s what I did with Bare Rose’s Hebitsukai Lady (original picture here). It had a lot of snakes and a flexi-cloak and flexi-skirt. I don’t like flexi-cloaks, so I deleted it and all the snakes, and resized the shoulder pads to be a little less overwhelming. (I know, they whelm you enough as they are, don’t they?) Bare Rose tends to almost always be mod/trans, so you do have to be careful when editing.
  • The other thing I like to do is tint hair. I usually start with white, but if no white is available then pale blonde sometimes works. Here, I had a slight problem: the Baiastice hair is an attachment for use with a hairbase, but there was no orange hairbase in their pack, and their hairbases are no mod. Solution? The free Exile hairbase pack, where the hairbases are mod, so I simply edited the tattoo layer and tinted it the same orange as I’d used for the hair. Pretty good, I think.
  • It’s worth nothing that two of the designers I’m wearing, Tokugawa and Kojima Industries, are a dream come true, because everything they make is copy/mod. ♥

Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie (Contessa) (old The Dressing Room item)
Hair: Baiastice – Meda hair attachment – white (tinted orange)
Hairbase: Exile – Basic Hairbase: Arctic (tinted orange)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Tequila Sunrise 1 (old Grunge Soul item)
Eyeshadow: Cheap Makeup – Le Tigre 12 (from gatcha machine)
Outfit: Bare Rose – Hebitsukai Lady (heavily modified)
Eyepieces: Tokugawa Heavy Industries – Optical Shades
Arms & Legs: Kojima Industries – K-103 Hardsuit Stealth
Poses: Del May – Envious / Philosopher male

Location: INSILICO


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