CHIC Award

I received an inventory offer a few days ago that was both surprising and flattering: a CHIC award for “exceptional work in the field of blogging”. My gob was thoroughly smacked. I’m in incredible company; my name is listed among some of my favourite SL bloggers. I’m not at all sure I deserve it, and yet delighted to receive it. Sometimes a little encouragement comes just at the right time. :)

So, thank you ever so much to Keira Seerose for making my week. I love the idea of the CHIC awards, and it’s already helped me find other SL bloggers, creators and artists about which I might not otherwise have known.

CHIC award


One Comment to “CHIC Award”

  1. Congratulations. Of course you deserve it, your blog is a nice place on the internet, full of useful informations, you don’t just make awesome things, you tell people how they could do them too. And THAT deserves an award, for sure.

    (Call it flattery if you want, I just truly mean it! :) )

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