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August 28, 2011

Agent Grellow

Agent Grellow

Agent Grellow

Grey and yellow make one of my favourite colour pairings. I was delighted to find the suitably matching boots at Dilly Dolls (and they’re amazingly cheap at only 75L$) but I must question a delete scripts button that a) leaves all the scripts in the object and then b) pops up a scripted message saying the boota cannot be edited because the script have been deleted… Perhaps I’m quibbling, and I do like them very much. Don’t forget to drop by Grixdale very soon – the eyeshadow is a current freebie, and the whole shop is closing at the end of August, so there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie (Contessa) (current The Dressing Room item)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Nagi hair, long bangs (white, tinted)
Eyes: Ibanez – Signature eyes (goldenrod)
Lipstick: Glamorize – Summer lips (gilded)
Eyeshadow: Grixdale – Dynamic Shadow (eyesore) (freebie, discontinued on 31st August)
Top: PixelDolls – DoMoCo Shiny Shortsuit (yellow) (discontinued)
Jumpsuit: Hucci – Side Cut Unitard (white)
Harness: Kyoot – Addicted to Dopamine harness
Hip/Leg straps: Bare Rose – Phi Harness (black)
Boots: Dilly Dolls – Sonata Metallic boots (brass)
Poses: !bang – stand 148 & Glitterati – stand 092
Location: Prime 3D

August 18, 2011

Sci-fi Archetypes: Space Pirate

Science fiction covers such a broad range of ideas that it’s impossible to take one particular aesthetic and say it’s the defining visual for the genre. A space marine, a starship captain, an exotic alien queen (or king), a brilliant scientist, a speed-racer mechanic, a jacked-in pilot, a psionic assassin, an emotionless android: these are all commonly seen in sci-fi, and there are many more besides.

When I construct an outfit for myself I tend to plan the look around one of these archetypes, and I consider what that person/being would wear, and why. It’s the kind of speculation I most enjoy. This, hopefully, explains why I’m titling and categorising this post with “sci-fi archetypes”. I intend to add others as time and inspiration permit. Here ends the digression.

Space Pirate

The space pirate might possess her own ship, or she might be intending to liberate one from a poorly-guarded space dock. Equally, she could be the first officer on one of these vessels, and while she’s loyal to her captain she’ll take the first chance that offers of seizing control of the ship. With fifteen active warrants for her arrest in various sectors of the galaxy, she can’t afford to be tied down to anyone or anything. Her old flight jacket (evidence of a military youth?) is the only thing she has any affection for. The rest of her appearance is fluid, changing to fit in with her surroundings. A short stint at a nunnery for the child-god Thool left her with a shaved head; later, when she joined the ship Harsh Grafter, she followed local fashion and grew her hair out into a mohawk. She sleeps with one blaster under her pillow and another in her hand. She trusts no one.

Space Pirate

Space Pirate

A couple of notes about the outfit:

  • The fantastic jacket sparked off the whole thing after Disembodied Hand, owner of Defectiva (you may remember another Defectiva outfit I blogged) dropped it on me as a review copy – tremendously generous, and I hope I’ve done it justice. You have to be careful of poses/AOs with bends in the waist joint, but otherwise I find it fits remarkably well, even with my avatar’s wide hips. (It’s fully mod, incidentally.) I haven’t been able to TP to the sim today, but there’s a Marketplace shop too. As an aside, I’m really glad that Defectiva is making female outfits. I’ve long lusted over the Fortress jacket and wondered if I could make it fit me.
  • Although Insufferable Dastard remains close to my eye-loving heart, Ibanez is coming to equal it in my affections. A different style of eye, so there’s no comparing the two, but I’m impressed by the selection, the prices and the eye demos.
  • I’ve pretty much sworn off no-mod items unless I really like or trust the maker, but I haven’t found anything to visually equal the Miamai boots (if anyone knows of any other really nice non-stiletto non-Gos – I have a pair already! – white boots, do let me know). I was also happy with the customer service: my first pair had a resize HUD that didn’t want to work, but I was sent a replacement that works fine.
  • This Glam Affair skin, a limited edition, is stunning. I wish they always did a version this pale! Most “pale” skins in SL are not. It’s one of many discounted items in today’s outfit, too, so don’t miss out.

Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie (Contessa) (current The Dressing Room item)
Hair: Birth – Stream in Pearl (tinted) (current Grunge Soul Project item)
Hairbase: Raw House – Razored hairbase
Eyes: Ibanez – Soft Glow eyes in Perseus light
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant (discontinued)
Eyeshadow: ROZENA – Platina eyeshadow (pink) (current Platinum hunt item)
Lips: KOSH – Glossy Lips (raspberry)
Jacket: Defectiva – Vintage Error (coal/silver) *
Top: BOOM – Aruba top (snow)
Gloves: GRAVES – Jinx
Trousers: Kyoot – Eibo trousers (white/pink) (old Seasons hunt item)
Gun: Bloody Mess – Tactical Upper Leg Holster with Prop Sci-Fi Laser/Blaster Gun
Boots: Miamai – Legacy Boots female (white)
Poses: Glitterati

* Review copy

August 14, 2011

Slink Vixen Catsuit – lookbook + review

Latex Two Ways (2)

To my way of thinking, a catsuit is a staple of sci-fi fashion. It displays the perfections of the futuristic form – a form which is, naturally, as toned and honed as science can make it. The shinier, the better, so when I saw this gorgeous picture from S.Luxury, I was struck by the intense, glassy texture of the latex. I also liked that it was a complete outfit in and of itself; it comes with a sculpted collar, gloves and prim shoes/feet so you really can get a painted-on look. There are plenty of latex outfits in Second Life, but the Slink Vixen Catsuit by Siddean Munro is one of the best.

(N.B. All following pictures are raw and unedited – save for cropping – as in all my reviews.)

SLink Vixen catsuit: front/back

I think one of the reasons it’s so good is that the reflections on the suit are not quite symmetrical. It’s highly unlikely that anyone wearing latex would be exactly positioned between lights at all times, so the asymmetry helps to make the reflectivity sit more naturally in the world.

SLink Vixen catsuit: close-up

SLink Vixen catsuit: feet

A few technical details: the collar prim is fully mod, but the feet prims are not. They’re controlled by a simple HUD (see below) and can either be stiletto heels or tippy-toe feet. There’s no “delete scripts” option, but the script count is 7 and the total script memory is 256k, which is very reasonable. (Under 3MB of scripts is a good goal to aim at, and I try to have as few as possible.) The lack of deletable scripts is the only thing I can find to criticise, but given the aforementioned figures, I don’t think there’s much to complain about.

SLink Vixen catsuit: HUD

At 650L$, it’s certainly among the pricier options. There are other catsuits I like, especially for layering, but none of them come close to this one in terms of both the quality of the effect and the completeness of the outfit. I could quite happily wear this and nothing else for weeks on end, except that I have a very full inventory and lots of clothing that begs to be worn. (My life is very hard.) It comes in eight other colours (ruby, blue, rose, black, metallic grey, red, gold and teal), should white not be your choice.

SLink – Vixen Catsuit (white) by Siddean Munro (650L$)

Other credits
First picture:
Skin: Curio – Cupid – Crave 1 in Moonbeam (Light) + cleavage option 4
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Quicksilver eyes (small pupil) + Eye Effects (Prim glow 3)
Hair: elikatira – Charmed (white)
Lipstick: KOSH – Glossy Lips (natural)
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant (discontinued)
Pose: DARE – White – Me Me (discontinued)

Review pictures:
Skin: Curio – Cupid – Crave 1 in Moonbeam (Light) + cleavage option 4
Brows: Curio – Sweetheart brows (black)
Eyes: Sorry.Asia – Never.More eyes (vampire) + Eye Effects (Prim glow 3)
Hair: Kin – Cricket (white)
Lipstick: KOSH – Glossy Lips (strawberry) worn over Glamorize – Smart Mouth Lips (Diva)

August 12, 2011

CHIC Award

I received an inventory offer a few days ago that was both surprising and flattering: a CHIC award for “exceptional work in the field of blogging”. My gob was thoroughly smacked. I’m in incredible company; my name is listed among some of my favourite SL bloggers. I’m not at all sure I deserve it, and yet delighted to receive it. Sometimes a little encouragement comes just at the right time. :)

So, thank you ever so much to Keira Seerose for making my week. I love the idea of the CHIC awards, and it’s already helped me find other SL bloggers, creators and artists about which I might not otherwise have known.

CHIC award