Lookbook #8 – Classic twi’lek

Lookbook #8 - classic twi'lek

Strap a blaster to my hip and I’m ready to take on the rebel fleet! (What? The Empire has better outfits and an aggressive career advancement policy!) The outfit was a happy find from PixelDolls, and really makes me think of the Star Wars universe – it’s skin-tight with draped cloth elements, and you just know you could pull up that neck scarf to use as a deep hood for all your illicit cantina dealings.

Special thanks to my fellow Laverne (who, once again, knows who she is! :P) for the versatile, top-quality Kboots.

Skin: Plastik – Lionheart Elven (Asari, bare)
Eyes: MADesigns – EYES_EXPOSED
Lips: L.Fauna – 2.0 lipsticks (Mermaid 3)
Lekku: iLogic – Comet Dust lekku v2
Outfit: PixelDolls – Gallactic Elipse (graphite)
Boots: Treads – Kboots (black)
Poses: Left: Diesel Works – Celeste 3 / Right: Exposeur – Top Model Spring ’11 Intros (Brittani)


One Comment to “Lookbook #8 – Classic twi’lek”

  1. /me sneaks on Laverne’s blog and looks around to see if nobody is watching. Then, she erases the word “Classic” and replaces it by “Freaking awesome”. Proud of what she did, she smiles widely and nods, then leaves, unnoticed.

    More seriously, I like that one a lot, simple and shophisticated at the same time. I am sure the boots are helping a lot, of course. :D

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