Powersuit Profile: Ladies who Lunch – Jem Jacket

I have an incredible love for the late-80s/early-90s power-suit. It is simultaneously awkward and cool, as evidenced by Grace Jones and Rachael from Blade Runner.

Grace Jones, cover of Nightclubbing Rachael in Blade Runner

So, somehow my sci-fi fashion inevitably involves giant shoulderpads. I’m sure I’m being a product of my time, and this look won’t work for everyone, but it works for me.

The current resurgence of 80s fashion in RL means that there’s no shortage of it in SL, so I’ve been able to find several suitably be-shouldered outfits. Here’s the first: the all-prim Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch. It’s unisex, contains resize scripts (it’s no mod, but there’s an option to delete the scripts), and is deliciously glam.

Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch (close-up)

As with any outfit made entirely from prims, there are some caveats to be aware of:

  • There are two alpha layers included, as well as the alpha textures to make your own layer, and the notecard mentions that men tend to use the minimum alpha and women and maximum. I’d agree with this assessment, but I found that the maximum was very slightly the wrong shape for me. (You can see where the alpha is peeking past the jacket in some of these pictures, though it’s only noticeable from certain angles.) However, the inclusion of the alpha textures means that I can fix this issue myself. I imagine that making an alpha texture that will suit all shapes is pretty difficult, and I’m not bothered by this feature.
  • Your hips are going to poke through (if you’re female) unless you’re careful with your AO and poses. I created a separate category of straight-hipped poses for my ZHAO AO, but I prefer to cycle between poses rather than have a fully animated avatar all the time, so this is again not really a problem for me. The jacket is definitely more masculine in shape than otherwise, but that’s the aesthetic of the piece. You can make the jacket bigger to compensate, of course, or change your shape a little. In fact, that leads to the only real improvement I can think of: a glitch clothing layer to wear underneath the prims.
  • Speaking of shapes, those boob sliders are going to have to come right down, unless you make the jacket really big.

Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch (variations)
Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch (details)

Having said all of that, I think the small sacrifices you make to wear this piece are completely worth it. The textures and sculpted prims are good quality, and the gem embellishments really make it special. There are three variations for the body of the jacket: no gems on the lapels or back, gems only on the lapels, and gems on the lapels plus a gem cross on the back. (In all versions, the shoulderpads are gemmed.) The jacket itself comes in white, black, yellow, red and purple. It’s a detailed piece, and I think it merits the 320L$ price. It’s unusual, striking, and well-executed.

Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch

Jem Jacket by Ladies who Lunch (320L$ / Inworld / Marketplace)

Skin: Curio – Moonbeam (Light) Cupid – Crave 1
Hair: Exile – Ada (astral)
Eyes:Senasy Cybernetics – Rotating Mechanical Eyes
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Groupie (discontinued)
Trousers: PixelDolls – Empire Belted Suit – Dragon set
Tattoo: sYs – Gift 1 (freebie)
Makeup: Natural Beauty – Lipstick 30 (Lipstick set 3)


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