Review: Alpha Lyrae by Alruneia Sentry

I promised a review of the main component of yesterday’s lookbook post, so here it is! Click on any image to view it in a Flickr lightbox – I recommend this if you want to see all the details. I’ve used no post-processing apart from cropping/arranging the images and a light sharpening after shrinking them for the web. Credits and SL urls are at the end of the post.

Alpha Lyrae (options)

Alpha Lyrae by Alruneia Sentry comes in six colour options, where the latex-like panels and some of the details on the collar are the parts that change colour. I’m wearing Smokey (black) but there’s also Amethyst (purple), Cavansite (blue), Flourite (green), Pumice (orange), and Pyrite (white). The black surround, shown on the left in the image above, stays the same throughout. There’s a similar outfit in white called Alpha Lyrae II, so plenty of choices all round.

The basic outfit consists of top, bottom, glove and sock layers. As you can see above, you get various degrees of transparency to play with. From left to right: Cropped, Transparent, and Opaque. There’s a shirt and pants layer for each variation, but you also get the same thing on undershirt and underpants layers.

This leads to my only gripe: there’s a problem in Second Life with the seamless meeting of shirt/pants or undershirt/underpants layers, in that they don’t. The gaps are small, but noticeable. You can get around it by having the top on a jacket layer that covers the join, but there is none in this outfit. It’s not something that bothers me, and it’s easy to edit out in post-processing, but it might be irksome for you.

Alpha Lyrae (details)

That’s the only negative point I have. The textures are crisp and detailed, the joins are (other than the SL waist join issue) seamless, and the styling is futuristic and imaginative. I have a particular liking for outfits with transparent areas like this, because they make layering so much fun.

Like the rest of the outfit, the prim collar – there are two copies, one for the chest attachment point and one for the spine – is copy/mod/no trans. It’s made from sculpted prims (and possibly normal ones too) and adds some structure to what is otherwise a primless outfit. There’s also an extra option for the skin-baring variation: a pants layer with a lower crotch.

Alpha Lyrae (extras)

Alpha Lyrae (back)

Alpha Lyrae is priced at 380L$, which I think is a good deal. It’s a beautiful design in its own right, but it would also be an ideal base layer or component of another outfit. Out of all the catsuits/plugsuits/onepieces I’ve found in SL, it ranks very highly indeed.

Skin: Curio – Moonbeam (Light) Cupid – Crave 2
Hair: Truth – Jess (bubblegum) (freebie) & Exile – Scene (candy) (soon to be discontinued; currently on sale)
Eyes: Rakura Prime – Tech Azur Glow (discontinued)
Outfit: Alruneia Sentry – Alpha Lyrae (Smokey)


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