Laverne Unit

An android or gynoid is not a fixed concept; there are plenty of interpretations from which to draw inspiration. The Maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is a sculpture in metal, whereas the replicants of Blade Runner are almost indistinguishable from humans. Star Trek‘s Borg characters are one example of the way these looks can be combined. The only problem is choosing what elements you like best. I’m strongly influenced by dark, gritty 80s sci-fi films (their fashions as well as their general style), and fetish fashion – so as I write here, I’m also putting together a kind of style manifesto for Laverne.

In a world of such potential, why limit oneself? No real reason, save that I like the sense of identity a relatively fixed set of parameters conveys.

So far, here’s what I know: Laverne uses black, pink and turquoise as theme colours, she has more-or-less robotic legs, and her eyes make no attempt at imitating reality.

Skin: Curio – Moonbeam (Light) Cupid – Crave 2
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Penelo (teal) (discontinued)
Eyes: Rakura Prime – Tech Azur Glow (discontinued)
Outfit: GizzA – Leather Overall (black)


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